History of Raparin University

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After the uprising of 1991 and taking out most of the Kurdish areas from the hands of the dictator regimes that was for the long time seized and far from any developments from all aspects of life, we hoped to have a domestic authority which is to have our own government and parliament.
Beside of all its enmities, Kurdish government did everything for rebuilding Kurdistan and opening new universities such as Duhok, Koya and other Universities beside of Sulaimany and Salahadin University. After establishing Koya university in 2004, college of Humanities was open at Rania which was included departments (History, Geography and Arabic Language), after that, college of Language was opened at Qaladize, Kurdish and Arabic departments from college Humanities transferred to college of Language. In 2005 Philosophy department was opened in college of Humanities and in 2008 ‘Nursing School’ opened, that was also from Koya University.
 Later on in 2009 Department of English language was opened at Qaladize in College of Language, at the same year college of Basic Education was opened at Rania which includes (Kurdish, Arabic, Computer and Mathematic). The mentioned events led to open a new university in Raparin region ‘Bitwen and Pishder’ in 4/4/2010 with the attempts of many loyal and academic people in council of ministers and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in sixth Cabinet of Kurdistan Region Government four universities (Raparin, Zakho, Germian and Helebje) was declared to open.
The first graduation ceremony was in (2006-2007), and the first graduation ceremony of department of philosophy was in (2007-2008) and the second was in (2012-2013), this is beside of hundreds of BA and lots of PhD degrees.
University of Raparin made a long term plan to develop the university and progress scientific level and opening new departments. For this reason, Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP) was a good opportunity to Raparin University to send many postgraduate students (Master and PhD degrees) studying at foreign and high ranked universities. In addition, there are postgraduate students studying at local universities. Total postgraduate students who are personnel of Raparin University are (26) Master degrees and (40) PhD degrees.

And now Master courses are available for some different expertise such as (Nursing, Kurdish Language and Literature, History and Geography), and the University tries to open PhD. Courses for nursing as soon as possible.
University of Raparin has the following centers at the moment:
•    English Language and Development Center
•    Research center
•    IT center
Despite the mentioned centers, Raparin University will open a few more centers in the sake of more progressed University.

University of Raparin is now a permanent member of the following organizations:
•    International Association of Universities (IAU)
•     Eurasian United Universities (EURAS)

In 2013, University of Raparin was formally acknowledged by Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research of Iraq, University of Raparin also has scientific relation with local and foreign universities. Also it attempts to be UNESCO member.

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