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Library is public cultural, social and educational foundation that keeps all the human thinking products in a systematic way where students can borrow books from.
Library duty and mission
1-Arranging the resources that could be easily accessed and give benefits.
2-Informing students and readers to get scientific resources and educational knowledge.
3-Providing academic resources for the purpose of making researches in different academic fields.
4-Providing a suitable setting for reading.
5-Making cooperative framework with other cultural foundations in order to provide students a better and large number of resources.
6-Making cooperation between faculties and schools during buying library resources to fulfill students and teachers necessities.
Library Departments
1-Department of index and classification: this department arranges all the books resources at the University of Raparin’s central library according to (000-999) system. There are two types of classifying books one is classifying resources and the other one is the resources languages, the main purpose behind these types of classification is to make the resources to be found easily an in a short time.
2-Providing unit: this unit is responsible for providing the library various types resources either by buying, offering and exchanging books, but the main way to provide book resources is to buy books from other publications.
3-Borrowing unit: employees at this unit will lend books to the students and researchers inside and outside the university and getting back the resources from the requesters, this unit is organized according to the specific law and regulations. There are two types of requesting, external request for outside the university and internal request for those who try to read the resources inside the university central library hall.
4-Bookbinding unit: this unit tries to bind and repair torn and damaged books.
5-Reading Hall: Inside the university central library reader are facilitated with a reading hall that students can make teamwork or individual researches there.
6-Library internet: The university central library provides internet access for the students, students are also given soft list of books that they can easily make searches inside the indexes of all the books at the university central library and they can borrow them.
7-Library storage: The library storage can be used for two purposes, the first one deals with those books that were as gift or offered by institutions, organizations and others, the second type is archiving those books that have extra copies at the university central library.

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