Educational System in Raparin University

Studying at University of Raparin runs constantly with three languages; Kurdish, Arabic, English. Bachelor studying exists in thirteen departments at the University while Master studying exists at department of Nursing; there is a plan for opening post graduate studying at some other departments for studying year 2013-2-14.


President's Welcome


   Welcome to the website of the University of Raparin at Rania-Suleimania. I hope you  find these pages  helpful. In these pages you will find a brief history of the University and the city. ,You will also find information on the academic staff of the University,  the structure of our undergraduate education program, descriptions of courses available, admission requirements, documents needed for enrollment and other useful information.

  The Univeristy of Raparin, with its qualified academic staff, selected students, and modern  facilities, is one of the newly established Universities in Kurdistan.,  The University adheres to  the same universal criteria for higher education and student  instruction that are practiced by other Universities around the world. The University’s motto is “advancement for excellence and development”. This is accomplished by providing the environment and the resources needed to develop skills and knowledge in almost every scientific and artistic field of study.

The University’s focus areas are education and training, scientific research, the publication of research findings and applied practice at undergraduate levels in certain fields. It is a comprehensive undergraduate school that includes 10 departments and various programs. Departmental programs include science, the humanities, and the arts

I hope that your time here at University of Raparin will be academically productive and individually rewarding.

                                                                   Best wishes for all                                           

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  • University Calendar for University of Raparin for Academic year(2012-2013)
    University Council decided on University Calendar to be carried on like this:

     Discipline  Date  Day
     Beginning of the Academic year (2012-2013)  1/9/2012  Saturday
    Second attempt exams for the academic year (2012-2013) 2/9/2012  Sunday 
    First day of the academic year  22/9/2012  Saturday 
    Winter time holiday Wednesday 





    Start  of the academic year  2/1/2013  Wednesday
    First exam of the first attempt   both practical and theoretical,  for those departments that practice “course rule” , the other  departments that practice “annual rule”  study  will be normal and the tests must be finished for the first attempt ( at least two tests should be done) and one must be done as a central one 





    Start of study  9/2/1013  Saturday 
    Spring time holiday 





    Start of study  25/3/2103  Monday 
    Final exams for the academic year and the last course’s first round for all  the schools and departments   





    Beginning of the summer time holiday lasts for two months  1/7/2013  Monday 



  • The explanation of University of Raparin’s logo:
    1-All the colures are symbols of colors of Kurdistan’s flag, except the base of the medal, which is colored in brown (the color of University of Raparin), The name of University of Raparin is written on it in English.

    2-The sun; despite its being a symbol of the sun of Kurdistan’s flag, it’s also a symbol of light and brightness in the area  
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